‘National Association for Smile’ Public Benefit Association

The welfare of our environment and the development of our region are key considerations for Pharos 95. Accordingly, we sponsor the upkeep of the National Association for Smile.

This organisation was founded and began its operation at the beginning of 2005. Its primary goal is to assist children suffering from incurable diseases, as well as certain county hospitals, ambulance stations, and other healthcare and social institutions.


Its activities include caring for sick children in their homes and buying the medical equipment they require, financing life-saving operations, supporting the wards of certain healthcare facilities, and replacing obsolete or missing equipment of certain ambulance stations.

Each year, the National Association for Smile Public Benefit Association organises SMILE CAMP. The camp has been attended for many years by the children of families enjoying the support of the National Association for Smile. The camp is a continuation of the activities which institutions operate as daily programmes during the academic year. Primary school students aged 6-14 from various counties in Hungary take part in the camp, under the guidance of camp leader educators and staff providing thematic activities.

“We are very happy that we were once again able to organise Smile Camp. Our positive experiences from the activities have spurred us to organise the camp this year, as well. We have always endeavoured to provide a programme as colourful and diverse as possible, in order to bring joy to the children. At the one-week camp we organised activities aimed at improving a wide range of their skills, environmental protection, poetry recitals, theatre and drama, sports, and lots of physical activity, good cheer and joy.”

The goal of the one-week programme is to bring as much happiness, joy, good cheer, and smiles into the life of children as possible, already before the start of the school year, and to provide great new experiences for the youngest generation.