Environmental protection

Pellet heating.

We are working on popularising pellet heating in Hungary in close cooperation with the fully reborn and modernised Pellet Hungary Kft.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are decisive factors in our operations. We strive to optimise our use of materials to create as little debris as possible. This also contributes to reducing our waste, and in turn, the ecological footprint of our organisation. Pellet is a granulate made from 100% natural materials. From remaining finished products we produce pellet using the most modern machine park of the market, thus maximising the utilisation of trees that were felled. We believe that if we are able to create the maximum amount of finished products from the minimum amount of wood, then our company can become a piece of the mosaic in an environmentally friendly and ecocentric segment of society. We continuously seek new and innovative solutions. Constant measurability is a key aspect for us, from the basics through the internal flow of information, in order to successfully optimise the use of resources and energy across all our units.

Benefits of pellet heating:

  • no gas provider
  • no commitment – only to nature
  • massive potential savings
  • no availability fee
  • predictable purchase amounts
  • pellet is a neutral source of energy, as the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the tree is identical to the amount released when pellet is burnt, which means that it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.
Pellet Hungary


Safe and environmentally friendly artificial turf pitches using cork

Cork granulates have countless advantages over the former, now largely obsolete rubber-based synthetic turf. No more sports injuries – only a natural surface that provides a long-term solution for everyone.

Make your artificial turf sports field safer!

The cornerstone of the safe sports fields of the 21st century

Thanks to its energy-absorbing capacity cork is gentle on joints. It is also far more effective in preventing bruises and skin burns caused by falls and tackles. During football matches the players’ ankles and knees are subjected to increased stress, but this natural surface provides superior protection for both youth and adults, effectively guarding the health of players.

Greatly reduces the risk of sports injuries.

A crucial defect of mixtures containing rubber and plastic is that in warm weather they give off a considerable amount of heat. This is highly disturbing for athletes and worsens their experience and performance. Thanks to its excellent insulating properties cork guarantees the correct ground surface temperature.

Immaculate sports fields free from bacteria – one of the natural components of cork has antibacterial and antiallergenic properties. It keeps pests and mould away and prevents the rotting of cork. Cork is excellent in terms of environmental awareness: being a natural material, it can be recycled.
Its evaporations do not impair health!

The durability of cork also translates to savings. Cork is an outstandingly resilient material. Its flexibility is ensured by its tiny cells, which act as microscopic air bags, rearranging themselves into their original shape after being compressed.

No rotting – Cork is waterproof and does not absorb moisture.

Impervious to UV radiation – The cork infill is UV-resistant, and does not decompose nor deteriorate during use.

Non-flammable – Cork is the safest solution, as it is non-flammable. This ensures a safe sporting and leisure environment for your guests.

A natural solution.

Nature recaptures the world of synthetic turf sports fields.

Environmentally friendly and 100% natural – Unlike the various synthetic systems, cork does not have a negative impact on the environment and after its use turns into a fully biodegradable end product.

Free from additives: no more unnatural substances! – No toxic substances, so players and athletes can enjoy perfect health. We do not mix any other materials into cork, so any unpleasant smell is also a thing of the past. Synthetic surfaces often give off a pungent smell due to their infill, but with cork this cannot happen.

Small ecological footprint
By choosing cork you are making the most environmentally friendly decision possible and a significant contribution to nature, both on sports fields and in the habitats of the cork oak, by enabling the economic and social sustainability of protected areas.